Tuesday, 29 May 2012 11:39
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I've left WisCon (glorious WisCon!) but I'm not quite home yet. I'm now in Burlington, VT, helping [personal profile] fifteendozentimes pack up so he can move across the country and in with me \o/.

But wow has it been a good week or so. I flew to Chicago last Tuesday and spent a night with my sister before catching a bus up to Madison Wednesday morning. I spent some quality time with [personal profile] oliviacirce before heading over to [personal profile] were_duck's place. I spent a few days hanging out with [personal profile] were_duck and [personal profile] futuransky and then WisCon! About which I will hopefully write more later. (I am making no promises on that front, though, because every time I do that it's almost a sure sign that I will NOT write the post in question.)

Sunday night, instead of going to bed early like a sensible person would, I powernapped and hung out at room parties and lobbycon until it was time to get ready for my 5am bus. The travel was super smooth and easy, and I slept for the entire bus ride and then again for a couple of hours after we got back to [personal profile] fifteendozentimes's current place. And then last night I SLEPT FOR EIGHT HOURS HOMG WHO DOES THAT IT IS AMAZING.

Also there have been Starbucks adventures and Toys R Us adventures and packing and an amazing thunderstorm and stuff. Tomorrow back to San Francisco, [personal profile] fifteendozentimes in tow. Yay!

This has been a brief summary. So mote it be.
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Let me tell you what's actually going on with me, which is a lot of awesomeness, except for how it's all wrapping up RIGHT THE FUCK NOW and I am overloaded to the point of emotional meltdown?

EXCITING WORK PROJECT: thiiiiiis close to completion, except for how the team I depend on keeps having stupid bugs that are gating my launch. I was going to launch this week! But now I have to launch next week :( because.....

VACATION: I am working a two-day week and then FLYING TO NEW YORK to see some Panic at the Disco and some Neon Trees and some Black Cards and, possibly ALL THE FANGIRLS at Central Park on Thursday. And then meet all of [personal profile] oliviacirce's cohort on Saturday. And then come back home on Sunday and on Monday there is....

MOVING: oh, so this is the really lulzy part: also I am moving. Like you do. [personal profile] sassbandit is leaving the continent :((((((( and I am stealing her apartment :)))))))) but doing so involves lots of logistics, many of them shockingly coming to a head this week, given the whole "end of the month" thing.

(also, I've become the LGCSF webmaster since N. is ALSO leaving the continent, and I was supposed to train the new operational manager today to take over some of my responsibilities but apparently that didn't work out. and also they nominated me for the Board of Directors? but I successfully said no because i do not actually have that many hours in a week, thanks. and FOGcon stuff is happening again! although fortunately I don't have to start doing actual work for that until next week. and somebody needs to tell me I am no longer allowed to volunteer for any more policy-related committees at work, because those are the fast track to high blood pressure.)

sooooo....bedtime now, 10pm seems like a reasonable bedtime, right?
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I'm back in San Francisco and had a relaxing day cooking, reading fic, and sort of leering in the direction of the mostly-completed filing I left behind last week. It's funny, it was really good to be home for the last few days, and now it's even better to be back home again. (Multiple homes HOW DO YOU WORK.) Curling up and reading in my traditional spot in the stairwell at my parents' house was incredibly comfortable. But then again, so is being back in my own space.


Today's cooking: pasta with pesto for lunch, vegetable soup for dinner, and the inauguration of my waffle iron's future in cooking things it is not rated for, in the form of waffled oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. This poor waffle iron did NOT know what it was getting into when it came home with me, for I am filled with all the evil plans that waffleizer.com infected me with last summer. (Tomorrow when [personal profile] oliviacirce gets here, I imagine she will make lots of Connor/Geoffrey jokes and then find a way to combine waffles with celery salt in order to achieve the Smallville fluff POWER COMBO. [References: Conflicts of Interest, Omiai])


Yesterday, I went adventuring to Fort Bragg to meet [personal profile] meloukhia. I can't even say how exciting it was to confirm that there in fact queer geeky awesome people in relatively close range to home. I am still a bit confused about the fact that we apparently spent four hours together, because it doesn't seem like it was anywhere close to that long. The weather, which started and ended the day violently, cleared up for a few hours in the afternoon, allowing us to poke around the cemetery downtown without getting soaked.

The thing I love the most about cemeteries is the stories they tell. You can wonder through a small plot of land and find out a lot about a community. You find out which families have enough wealth and hubris to build themselves monuments, you find disasters that took down large groups of people. The variety of languages represented on tombstones tells you about histories of people who traveled a long way to live and die in one place. Family plots tell you a lot about the relationships between their denizens, and children's graves even more so.

The thing I found the most fascinating at Rose Memorial was the clusters of markers from people who couldn't afford tombstones. The wooden and corrugated metal and sometimes paper markers are a striking memorial families who cared enough to leave a marker but didn't have the resources to make one that would last in the soggy coastal climate. They drew a fascinating contrast with some of the really garish modern graves, emblazoned with laser-etched representations of hobbies and interests.

Hopefully the next time [personal profile] meloukhia is down in the Bay Area, there will be Colmafest 2011--I haven't been to Colma since my great grandparents were interred, and there is some excellent grave-viewing to be had there.


icon meme, yay! )


I don't suppose you read Lackadaisy? If so, did you see the Christmas mini-comic from this week? Mordecai! My heart!
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WOW, what a weekend. Saw lots of people briefly, spent large stretches of the weekend prone with laughter. In summary:

Woke up at 3am on Friday, slept for most of flight to Boston. Discovered lack of food at Logan Airport, hopped over to South Station for foodstuffs. Got in touch with [personal profile] yarngeek, who met me at South Station after she left work for the week. Hung out until [livejournal.com profile] eccentric_hat arrived from her plane, 1.5 hours later. Was enthusiastic about Isherwood. Read lots of Yiddish Policeman's Union while I waited.

With Barbara and Marjorie, went to Cambridge, met [livejournal.com profile] militantgeek and Joyce-who-isn't-technically-an-FP-anymore-is-she for dinner. Bid a fond adieu to Barbara and Joyce and went to see Cabaret at ART.

mini review )

We had a long distance to travel before the next morning, so we took off immediately from Boston, spent longer than reasonable trying to escape the labyrinth that is the Boston street system, and finally made our way to Concord, NH, for the evening. The late-night hotel clerk was one of those very New England middle-aged man, complete with very strong New Hampshire accent and skeptical attitude. We woke up 5 hours later and set out for Burlington. The main thing that New Hampshire affords, in addition to its beautiful vistas full of peep-worthy leaves, is very many jokes about libertarianism and the tragic demise of the Old Man in the Mountain. For instance: "Little known fact, 'live free' is New Hampshire for 'own a sawed-off shotgun.' So the motto is really 'own a sawed-off shotgun or die.'" We amused ourselves thusly until we crossed the Connecticut River (HEARTS) into the Green Mountain State.

We got to the Burlington area around 9:30 and stopped for breakfast before the wedding. [livejournal.com profile] manifesto_tea is married, guys! Wedding-type details: she wore a home-made dress and her SPOUSE omg Jaska wore a tuxedo shirt and a kilt that Katie had made. The ceremony itself was short and sweet, and then we went to the reception, which was at a farmhouse that belonged to a family friend. The reception was really lovely. We sat at a table with some of Jaska's friends and learned that J is in fact a very good egg. The dancing was contra, the sun was shining, the new spouses were charming and lovely. We mostly hung out in the shade with some of J's friends and watched the dancers, rather than participating. At the very end, before they took off for their honeymoon, K and J signed their marriage certificate.

For the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday we hung out in Burlington. We saw the Lake Champlain waterfront, and very many excitingly decorated statues of cows. We did not see Champ. Dani's dad arrived Saturday night and hung out with us on Sunday--it was really good to see him. Finally, the [livejournal.com profile] militantgeek family left Marjorie and I at the airport while they went on with their planned Maine adventures. On the way home I started reading Wolf Hall, which is just as good as everyone says it is.

And now I am, sad to say, back in the real world. Not recommended. In all, I'm glad I was able to cram so much in to the weekend, but I'm left feeling like I really need to find another time for a dedicated visit with K and J.


Tuesday, 6 July 2010 08:14
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I don't generally like to post entries that are soley sequences of my tweets, but I think this story is best told that way.

7:05 AM: Putting on my "I have to wear shoes and socks!?!" sadface and going to work.
7:18 AM: How did I miss the shuttle? I got here on time!
7:46 AM: No shuttle and no access to work email? Have I slipped into an alternate universe? WTF?

[[livejournal.com profile] prismakaos] 7:49 AM: @[epershand] You do know today is a holiday, right?

In my defense:

A. Coming back from 12 days of travel to a vacation day seemed implausible. I was pretty sure that only Monday was a holiday.
B. I spent the flight repeatedly falling asleep during the psychedelic bits at the end of Anathem where all the characters keep slipping into parallel worldtracks without the others. So having slipped into a parallel worldtrack seemed more reasonable than it might otherwise have.
C. Jetlag!


Monday, 5 July 2010 16:22
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Back from Israel. Taking the afternoon to decompress, do laundry, get nails done (trust me, after 10 days of hiking in the desert, the last one is a priority).

It has been the most physically intensive and among the most emotionally intensive 10 days of my life. I have climbed rock faces, crawled on my belly through narrow cave systems designed to hide from the Romans, and waded through waist-deep water. I have talked to soldiers, Rabbis, peace activists. I only had one attempted brainwashing. I watched the sunrise from Masada and floated in the Dead Sea, and rode a camel, all in one day. I sang "Shir La'shalom" in Rabin Square and "Eli Eli" at Chanah Senesh's grave and "Bohemian Rhapsody" underground and "Shalom Alechem" really loudly on the bus so airport security wouldn't stop us to look through our luggage (it worked). I spent 10 days traveling on a bus with the same group of 43 people and don't hate any of them, and love a good fraction of them.

More later, but for now I just have to say... Taglit is an incredible program. Israel is a beautiful and a welcoming and a fucked up and a divided country, and Taglit shows you ::all of it.::
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  • I have been in read-only mode on the internet for the last week. It's like being in hiding, except you still find yourself with your mouth gaping open about the J2 and Bandom BigBang fails. Except you aren't talking to anyone about it. Whoops.

  • Now that I'm back, it's really only to say that the day after tomorrow I am going to go almost completely internet-free for the twelve days following that. I'm traveling to Israel, and I will have a cellphone for emergencies, but I decided not to get the data plan, and I will have no computer. Yes, that's right. I am going to Israel, and because I am doing so in the most sheltered way humanly possible (Birthright Israel) my biggest fear is that I'm going cold turkey with the internet. Talk about #firstworldproblems. Trust me, if you're judging me right now, rest assured that I'm judging me more.

  • I started to write a lot of thinky thoughts that involved contrasting my forthcoming trip to Israel to my trip to Dubai in 2006, but I think that needs a separate post. And it should probably happen after I get back so that the Israel part of the comparison won't be all speculation.

  • Wow, there was a lot of weekend this weekend. Friday night I had dinner with [livejournal.com profile] laurieopal. Saturday I had brunch with [personal profile] karlht and [livejournal.com profile] ungelic_is_us, and then I did a bunch of travel prep, and then I went on a used bookstore quest that resulted in no Isherwood but another book about Medieval Islam, and then I was having dinner at a noodle bar and my friend C wandered by and we had a pantomime conversation through the storefront window and I wound up following him to an art gallery opening and then we went to Toy Story 3. Today I did more travel prep, and had something like six short conversations with my parents while they roadtripped through New Mexico and Utah, and then made ginger-peach jam with [personal profile] damned_colonial.

  • After the jam was done, [personal profile] damned_colonial showed me a whole lot of British tv. The most eye-widening of it was Armstrong and Miller in the RAF talking like modern British teenagers.

  • I might have to watch Foyle's War after all. Why does all the media that my grandfather gets excited about to the point of tedium always turn out to be really good after all? It's NOT FAIR, I tell you. ::shakes fist::

  • For some reason, reading The Facts of the MZB Case made me decide to try re-reading Black Trillium again. Now, Lady of the Trillium was one of my favorite books, circa age 14, and I remember being disappointed by Black Trillium because it was riddled with inconsistencies, but WOW. Whoever ghost-wrote that book was seriously phoning it in. It's not so much bad writing as it's just really clear that no one in the process of creating that book gave anything resembling a shit. Wow. Like, the prologue claims to be from the POV of a future historian on the bad guys' side, and is full of prejudice, etc. And then like 7 pages in the author forgets the POV and it turns into a hagiographic birth story of the main characters and starts referring to all the bad guys as evil. I kind of feel offended as a reader, but know that everyone involved in the process laughed all the way to the bank. There are like five sequels and none of them are consistent with each other. Good work if you can get it.

  • Shoot, am I still writing bullet points? I should be sleeping. Self, get to work on that.
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As of tonight I have been banned from one of my formerly favorite restaurants. Honestly, I don't particularly want to go back there on the basis of my experience tonight. Sorry, Ti Couz, I guess there will be no more tasty buckwheat crepes for me, because I'm not particularly a fan of being insulted and sworn at in a mildly antisemitic way by your wait staff. I also didn't know that asking to talk to someone's manager about their behavior was a bannable offense.

(I also would have liked: for our meal order to have been put in the first time we ordered it. For the entres to have been served to the correct people. For our desert order to have come back correctly, and for the waiter to have been something other than shocked that the person whose order was messed up... wanted to eat what she had ordered and not something else. For our request for a water refill to have been filled. For there have to been forks with dessert without our getting them ourselves.

And... how about not being called "damn New Yorkers" to our face while we were dividing up our tab? [A word of advice: when your audience of four includes two Jews, one of whom just moved from New York, pick your words more carefully. A further word of advice: "I've never been to New York, so I didn't know that was a stereotype" is not actually an apology.]

And, after that, to have gotten our bill back according to what we wrote down, not divided evenly into four. And to have had an actual chance to talk to the manager, not told that we should deal with it ourselves with the waiter. And then offered the chance to talk to the bartender. And finally to have another member of the wait staff come to talk to us.)

Really, before the "damn New Yorkers" thing I was just going to give him a 10% tip and be ok with things.

But on the BRIGHT SIDE I have a [livejournal.com profile] weetziefae! She is halfway between her old New York life and her new New Zealand life, and that halfway point is a summer in San Francisco! Hurrah!
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Today in my vacation I am watching my sister teach her fifth grade class. I am kind of thrilled by her lesson plans. Her class recently finished reading The Jungle Book and now they're reading The Graveyard Book, and they're working on a project about the similarities and differences between Mowgli and Bod.

Recently I've been hearing a lot from Naomi about her Nook, and it's interesting to watch her integrate it into her lesson plans. She's walking around her classroom reading from the Nook itself. Meanwhile, she's projecting the book in the Nook app and the kids are reading along on the screen. (I am pleased with the fact that she picked the Nook over the Kindle, what with (a) my negative feelings about Amazon and (b) my adoration of Android. The Androidy-ness of the Nook is definitely not very visible, and based on my limited experience playing around with Kindles, it's an inferior design in a lot of ways, but it also lets her loan books and it generally seems to have a better DRM structure.)

Especially given that I first experienced the book via the Gaiman video tour, I'm having my world rocked in a multimedia way. I don't know that it is actually a better experience than having each student have their own paper copy of the book, but it is a lot more cost-efficient in a school that doesn't have the resources for even a school library. Of course, it's really a question of distribution and use of resources--the school did put a nice projector in her classroom, and give her a laptop to project from, and they apparently have a pretty nice computer center. (The Nook is her own.) Computers are the Future, and so they're the way the school budget is going. Meanwhile, my sister's ability to do her job is almost entirely based on how the students' reading skills change, and her classroom library has been entirely provided by her friends and family.

Also, in re: the fascinating WisCon conversation about whether historical fiction counts as a genre, I have learned from a board on my sister's classroom wall that the official fictional genres are: fantasy, realistic fiction, mystery, historical fiction, traditional literature, science fiction. Oh, the joys of elementary school, when these things come from on high and are not open to discussion.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010 08:04
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Wow am I a ball of stress and anxiety.

BUT I am at my NEW DESK. And it has a WINDOW. And outside the window? There are REDWOODS. (Small ones, like, only a bit taller than a two-story building. But still--redwoods!)

Little bottle of anxiety churning inside the Molly, please take a look at the redwoods. Do you see the way the morning light is refracting through the dew on their branches? Calm down.
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Finally, I am swimming to the surface, and beginning to acknowledge that there are things to spend brain on outside of work. It helps that [personal profile] oliviacirce is here to make me go to bed at reasonable hours and such.

But here are the actual reasons my stress level has kicked back a few notches:
- Uber deadline of doom has been pushed back until Tuesday and I'm 95% done with everything that needs to be done by then, so I will probably only have to spend half a day working this weekend, instead of the full weekend.
- I gave in and ordered a die from Owosso Graphics rather than finishing the typesetting for Erica and Chuck's wedding invitations, so all I have left to do is the printing now (giant relief). It feels a bit like cheating, but the mix of type sizes was much easier to pull off with a computer design than it would have been manually--to get the design I have, I probably would have had to do multiple print runs. And, for the record, Owosso thoroughly deserves the good reputation they have in the printing community, even if they are no longer doing the "first order free" deal. Small peeve, though--I intentionally gave them a design with whitespace that made my design a multiple of 5 picas in each direction, but the base they gave me was cut down to exactly the size of my text, which is going to make locking it up a bit more annoying. Next time I will have to see if they have an "include extra whitespace on the base" option. Also, since they encourage you do do all your orders online, it would be NICE if you could get their prices via a medium other than the telephone.
- First day in new job is going to be Tuesday! I'm going to be slowly percolating into it over the month of May. Next week will be 4 days in old job, 1 day in new job. Week after that will be 3 days in old job, 2 days in new job. And by the time I get back from WisCon it will be all new job, all the time. \o/. (Note to self: tell New Manager you are going to WisCon).
- Hilariously, chorus had a last minute gig this week, to record an ad for the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) that will be played at DC Pride. Never before have I sung such a cheery song about how great pesticides and farm subsidies are. Olivia made jokes about selling mattresses, but as I refuse to have any knowledge of Glee, they went over my head.

So, back to the internet I come. Maybe I will even get my Google Reader unread counts below 500!
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I have had too much tea today and am jittery enough to remember why I don't DO more than a cup of tea a day. Wow. That is my excuse for how wandering the following is.

But it's been a lovely mellow weekend in which I caught up with old friends, spent some time with my mother, and was repeatedly headbutted by a toddler. (With 24 hours' hindsight, I'm starting to wonder--did I really visit H and E with a hearty dose of H's kids, or did I visit H's kids, with a side dose of H and E?) Given wee A's obsession with trains, I am waiting with an unreasonable amount of glee for the day when he is old enough to realize not only that trains are awesome, but that his mommy used to be a train conductor before he was born. This is because I'm evil. Or possibly because I want revenge for his decision that headbutting Molly in the torso was the Best Game Ever.

After saying goodbye to E, H, and the small ones, I took the train up from Santa Clara (where both E and H live these days) and met my mom in Menlo Park and spend a few hours wandering though a local arts festival, vaguely pricing very expensive but pretty things as potential wedding gifts for my little sister (and speculating on when she and her boyfriend will get engaged). I got very wide-eyed at this booth but was afraid to ask their prices, for fear that I would never have money again if I so much as speculated on having shoes made by them. ([personal profile] newredshoes, you maybe should not click on that link, because you might have a similar problem.)

I am now well-supplied with hometown-based gossip, on such thrilling subjects as questionable paternity, surprise birthday parties at the high school, and cloned marijuana. (I continue not to understand the issue of cloning marijuana in the slightest. It seems like if one wanted a new plant with the same DNA as an existing plant, one would... take a cutting and plant it? But apparently it was the source of a major bust recently. There was also some related tax evasion. Wheels within wheels. [I would probably understand it better if I actually read news articles on the subject, instead of just getting my parents' jumbled accounts.])

ALSO: I only just found out about Anne Carson's Nox and am hankering to get my hands on a copy. See, this is what e-readers don't get you: mixed-media books published as scrolls. From the reviews, I'm not sure how interested I am in it as something to read, but as an OBJECT... I really want to fondle it. With e-readers, you only get to fondle the reader, not the object within. (Speaking of which, the Center for the Book redesign, while very pretty, seems to have made it impossible to register for any of the remaining workshops in April. How do I go to the next Open Studio now? I should have registered earlier, I know, but I didn't know that it was going to go away over the weekend...)
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I'm back.
I'm back in San Francisco, feeling only moderately zombie-like. I flew out of Orlando at 5am EST and arrived at SFO at 10:30AM PDT. I slept a decent fraction of the way, and otherwise entertained myself with fic and War Music. I'll save my thoughts on War Music for a later post, because I'm planning on excerpting from it for National Poetry Month, but for now I will just say, WOW is Logue amazing. I need to find his other two volumes of Iliad translations, stat.

The trip was great. I love the kind of friendships that you can slip back into, naturally and easily, even after several years' separation. Additionally, Dani's roommate Rahama is really cool, the nuns were cool, and I got to spend some time with Dani's parents. Also, THE SUN [she says, looking out the window at the rain and wind].

Really! Really? Really.
Among the odder emails I got over the last several days was an email from a recruiter at $EMPLOYER, sent to my college email address, soliciting my resume for a role I interviewed for last week as an internal transfer.

I knew that there were some oddities in $EMPLOYER's resume sourcing and recruiting process, but you'd think they'd at least run names through the "people we have interviewed before" database before contacting them.

(Depressing: if they used that email address, they can only have found me from the online resume I haven't updated since graduation. Good to know that I am currently applying for a job I could have been recruited for without my entire extant professional history. Not that they would have hired past!me when compared to applicants like present!me, but still, I feel a bit like I am competing with myself.)

I <3 the Bay Area
Spotted in BART car: what looked to be a fake decorative QR code, which still managed to encode information about when and where the event is going to be. Awesome. I kind of want to go on the basis of the QR code ad alone.

(There is something incredibly "living in the future" about scanning QR codes whenever I come across them. Dorky though, extremely dorky.)

At tu, Catulle, destinatus obdura.
My living room is covered with books of poetry. Also xeroxed poetry from Sappho's Muse. I need to calm down.

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Friday, 2 April 2010 14:46
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Florida: win.

[livejournal.com profile] militantgeek: More win. Also guilt tripping me about being on the internet right now.

I got off the plane yesterday and Dani took me directly to the beach. Since then I have been to a swimming pool and a hotspring, and also hung out with nuns. These are, it seems, the central ways to amuse oneself in the greater Orlando area. I hear rumors that there are also "amusement parks" in this city, but I am pretty sure they are not as much fun as hanging out with nuns is.

Dani reminds me that I also saw a manatee and touched a palm tree. And surfackers! [The broader internet tells me that what we saw was "surf kayaking", but Dani and I choose to disagree. Why use two words when you can coin a portmanteau?]

In other news, April is definitely the hottest month on the hot priest calendar. There was much rejoicing when they turned the page today.

Addendum: Neither of us is Catholic. The nuns Dani works for do a whole lot of cigarette-smoking, drinking, and swearing for nuns. (Yesterday Dani had to reassure me that it was ok to wear my pro-evolution t-shirt into the Catholic aid center yesterday. It cracked the nuns up.)

Addendum 2: Dani needs to learn how to hug people. Stat.
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In the interests of having this conversation as few times as possible, and because I just had an almost perfect dialog on the subject with Warren...

So, how are the law school applications going, Molly? )

In short: this rotten life is not for me, it's getting far too hot for me, I think I'd better think it out again. &c.

But! Stuff that has made me happy in the last two or three days:
  • Caucasian Chalk Circle at ACT was SO GOOD. I am probably going to go again before it closes. I would be willing to watch OmozĂ© Idehenre go on a Quest with Manoel Felciano singing narration until the end of time.

  • Today is Mary Lyon's birthday, and I am going to an alumnae club tea at Ghirardelli Square to celebrate.

  • I'm designing the invitations for a friend's wedding, and I spent yesterday afternoon with her and her fiance, looking at paper and giving them a tour of the Center for the Book type cases. I have been missing having a printing project.

  • I spontaneously bought tickets to visit [livejournal.com profile] militantgeek in April! I haven't seen her since May '07.
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(xposted with RL blog. Sorry if you've seen this three times.)

Hey guys,

I'm like, in Ireland and stuff this week. We're pushing out a big stage of my big project this week, and so the two members of our team who are in the States came over to Dublin for a weeklong intensive with the guy on our team who is here (he got to come to Mountain View the last 4 times we worked together in person).

Having the entire team in the same time zone is pretty awesome for getting stuff done.

Also, it turns out that Ireland in the winter is the prettiest thing that ever happened. The sunlight shifts down in horizontal shafts from the clouds, illuminating the hills that you can see just over the city skyline and lighting up patches of grass and heather.

We got in Sunday morning, and rented a car to do a wee bit of tourism before settling in to Dublin for the week. We drove down to Wicklow and wandered around in Glendalough, which I think might have a direct connection to Avalon.

Lest they be remembered

My breathing hasn't quite returned to normal. If I stayed in this country for too long, I'd probably have no choice but to become a poet. Or worse, spend all my time going tira-lira like Lancelot.

I'm celebrating the completion of the project by taking next week off and being an itinerant in Europe. Trains and ferries are going to be my friend, and I'm hopefully going to see some theatre, punt on the Thames, bike around Amsterdam, and the like (most of next week I'll be in the Netherlands, but my flight back to the States leaves from London.) Life is hard.

I'm going to be continually updating the photoset I've temporarily called Eurotrip, if you want to follow along. I'll probably rename it as soon as I come up with a more obscure reference to that excellent film (and no, "Scotty Doesn't Know" doesn't count, I've decided.)


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