Monday, 29 August 2011

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Let me tell you what's actually going on with me, which is a lot of awesomeness, except for how it's all wrapping up RIGHT THE FUCK NOW and I am overloaded to the point of emotional meltdown?

EXCITING WORK PROJECT: thiiiiiis close to completion, except for how the team I depend on keeps having stupid bugs that are gating my launch. I was going to launch this week! But now I have to launch next week :( because.....

VACATION: I am working a two-day week and then FLYING TO NEW YORK to see some Panic at the Disco and some Neon Trees and some Black Cards and, possibly ALL THE FANGIRLS at Central Park on Thursday. And then meet all of [personal profile] oliviacirce's cohort on Saturday. And then come back home on Sunday and on Monday there is....

MOVING: oh, so this is the really lulzy part: also I am moving. Like you do. [personal profile] sassbandit is leaving the continent :((((((( and I am stealing her apartment :)))))))) but doing so involves lots of logistics, many of them shockingly coming to a head this week, given the whole "end of the month" thing.

(also, I've become the LGCSF webmaster since N. is ALSO leaving the continent, and I was supposed to train the new operational manager today to take over some of my responsibilities but apparently that didn't work out. and also they nominated me for the Board of Directors? but I successfully said no because i do not actually have that many hours in a week, thanks. and FOGcon stuff is happening again! although fortunately I don't have to start doing actual work for that until next week. and somebody needs to tell me I am no longer allowed to volunteer for any more policy-related committees at work, because those are the fast track to high blood pressure.)

sooooo....bedtime now, 10pm seems like a reasonable bedtime, right?
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In the meantime, today I keep reading/watching fanworks that bring me to the edge of tears.

First there was [ profile] stele3's Timshel, this gorgeous piece of worldbuilding and heart-tugging, all wrapped up in a fairie tale package. She always does the most amazing things with PatD fandom, and this was no different.

And then there was [personal profile] lalejandra's heart-wrenching post-divorce GSF fic "The past is gone but something might be found to take its place."

And finally, [ profile] silver_sandals's vid This is Everything is one of the most gorgeous things I've seen recently. Didn't realize how much *I* needed that catharsis for "all the queer Star Trek romances that never were." (Thanks for the rec, [personal profile] kuwdora)

... Maybe if I go to bed early tonight I'll be less emotionally fragile tomorrow?

ETA: ALSO, [personal profile] fifteendozentimes wrote this very excellent post about policing Spencer fucking Smith's gender presentation by calling him a lesbian and every word of it is truth.

*dragging self away from work email before I close every thread with "arguments without data bore me" or "clearly this can't be decided right now, but I'll take the action item of contacting the appropriate person to escalate it to" or "for future reference, can you please follow an actual procedure when you have this sort of question?"*


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