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I've left WisCon (glorious WisCon!) but I'm not quite home yet. I'm now in Burlington, VT, helping [personal profile] fifteendozentimes pack up so he can move across the country and in with me \o/.

But wow has it been a good week or so. I flew to Chicago last Tuesday and spent a night with my sister before catching a bus up to Madison Wednesday morning. I spent some quality time with [personal profile] oliviacirce before heading over to [personal profile] were_duck's place. I spent a few days hanging out with [personal profile] were_duck and [personal profile] futuransky and then WisCon! About which I will hopefully write more later. (I am making no promises on that front, though, because every time I do that it's almost a sure sign that I will NOT write the post in question.)

Sunday night, instead of going to bed early like a sensible person would, I powernapped and hung out at room parties and lobbycon until it was time to get ready for my 5am bus. The travel was super smooth and easy, and I slept for the entire bus ride and then again for a couple of hours after we got back to [personal profile] fifteendozentimes's current place. And then last night I SLEPT FOR EIGHT HOURS HOMG WHO DOES THAT IT IS AMAZING.

Also there have been Starbucks adventures and Toys R Us adventures and packing and an amazing thunderstorm and stuff. Tomorrow back to San Francisco, [personal profile] fifteendozentimes in tow. Yay!

This has been a brief summary. So mote it be.
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Yaaay! Glad you are having a great time!
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Next time! There will be brunch and Powell's shenanigans!
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...and that's one hundred eighty times if I can't haaaave yoooou...

Every time I see that username. Every time. *will be humming this for the rest of the day*
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I love your squee. :D
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Wow, did you take a bus all the way from Madison to Burlington?