Friday, 17 December 2010 08:11
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The "hilarious things that [ profile] eccentric_hat has recently sent me edition.

Mozart's 140 causes of death and 27 mental disorders. Highly relevant to previous post.

The House of Mirth as a poorly-played Choose Your Own Adventure game. I am going to make an icon. It will say "C. Become a milliner" and I will use it on every entry about how I have made a poor choice to remind myself that at least I am not Lily Bart.

"I saw a trailer for this and thought it was a College Humor-type fake trailer. But it turns out it's real."
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With all the different discussions of the Bechdel test I've seen in the last week [obsession-inc] [kateelliot] [februaryfour] [Scalzi], the original Alison Bechdel comic, "The Rule", seems relevant. One thing I find notable in the comic is that passing the test doesn't automatically make the subject good (the example of a passing movie is Alien.) The point is the almost total desolation, which I think gets lost in discussions of whether individual movies pass, or what technicalities count. (This doesn't mean I don't have a little Bechdel test check box whenever I watch movies or tv shows.)

Via Gizmodo, [ profile] sergey_larenkov has been posting incredible photoshopped photos where he merges photos from WWII with modern photos taken from the same angle. The result is haunting and creepy and makes me glad to have broken my "no more WWII this month" pledge.

Last night at dinner [ profile] laurieopal showed me John Berger's BBC program Ways of Seeing. His discussion of women viewing themselves through an "objective" male gaze is 101 enough that even Ovid made the point, but the way he applies it to paintings of nudes is fascinating.

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Monday, 17 May 2010 19:07
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I have like three drafts of different posts open in different tabs, and I have been pedantic in [personal profile] oliviacirce's direction about portrayal of geek community interaction in different canons for like a month. But instead of that, wheeee linkspam.

New episode of Norman Centuries today, covering the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings. Wheee! Favorite new fact of the day: Harald HardrĂ¥da is the brother of the patron saint of Norway! Previous favorite Norman fact: when early Normans found out that they could get free outfits for being baptized, many of them arranged to be baptized multiple times.

Henry Jenkins interviews Joan Marie Verba on 1960-1980s fanzine/fanfic culture.

Sigh, Emerald Triangle in the news.

Also on NPR: Kimala who was my hall president sophomore year! has published a book on entrepreneurship in Jamaica

Amy shared this men of Austen dating profile site.


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