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I have been oddly silent on DW lately, while I spam twitter. But this evening during commute I wound up writing a found poem constructed entirely of things on my twitter feed during said commute, and I thought I'd share it.


When you say effigy, I think of voodoo dolls
all with newborn novels at once, all hammering out plot arcs and character
yours is .. left blank on purpose?
    nope just vaguely stoned and watching captain america!
    and also with a truly regrettable mustache

I just don't think I understand the point of Glee
This is torture and I know how it ends.
    oh no wait, that's the sulfur smell of new jersey

The future is made of me being punched in the face.
Everyone. Must watch.
self indulgent guitars! And ps: the jewfro is BACK!
    (Let's pretend I don't know that.)

Spoiler alert: LL Cool J does not actually speak Japanese.
Steven Tyler meets Fall Out Boy meets Robert Pattinson from Twilight meets My Chemical Romance
    and no sparkly lip gloss
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My favorite piece of Passover liturgy comes from near the end of the main service part of the service, shortly before the meal. It comes after the story of the Jews' Exodus from Egypt, and it's a song about being thankful for what Adonai has given us. Much of it is a very literal retelling of the story of the Exodus, but the way it's framed means a lot to me.

It seems almost like a call for complacency, to accept what one has and not push for more, and yet it isn't--it's an appreciation of every stage of the path from slavery to freedom, a statement that it means something even without the spiritual gift. And at the same time, the way it links together every two steps makes the eventual resolution seem inevitable as a natural process from the first line. I love its stepwise gratitude, the idea that if Adonai had stopped helping the Israelites at any stage in the process, it still would have been an amazing gift. And it would have been sufficient. It makes the full gift all the more meaningful.

I've found "Dayenu" a particularly helpful frame through which to view the US's path towards LGBT civil rights over the last few years. Because while we aren't there yet, every step forward is a huge thing. We will get there (see, for instance, today's FiveThirtyEight post on support for equal marriage rights). We are not there yet, and it's necessary to keep pushing, but every stage is enough to be worthy of celebration and gratitude.

Dayenu )

(Buahahahaha all the non-Jews who read this are probably like "oh, that is so nice and thoughtful." And all the Jews are sitting there thinking "CURSES MOLLY WHY HAVE YOU EARWORMED ME?")

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Sunday, 3 April 2011 15:37
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It's National Poetry Month! I am a big fan of National Poetry Month, but I know not everyone who follows me is. So, here's a general idea of the way I post during the period:

I tend to post 1-3 times a week over the course of the month. I usually have some commentary outside a cut and keep the poem under the cut. I post out-of-copyright poems publicly and more recent poetry behind an access lock on the grounds that poets who are still working should be able to control the online searchability of their own work. If I have not granted you access and you're interested in reading more poetry, let me know and I'll add you. (Honestly, the primary use of my access filter is things like this.)

Last year I posted only poems that were themselves transformative works; I've got one major instance of that that I'm planning on posting this year, but for the most part I think I'm going to be sticking to poetry by queer poets that reflects on the queer experience, because that's the headspace that I'm in right now. Also because last week [personal profile] feverbeats posted a request for more queer poetry and I have a mountain of it to share.

I have a few dedicated tags related to the subject: poetry is the obvious one. Because of last year, the bulk of my transformative works tag is poetry-related. I also have a few tags for entries related to some of my favorite poets: Anne Carson, Catullus, John M. Ford, W.H. Auden. Apparently I have NO OVID TAG. This is upsetting, and possibly needs to be rectified this month. I also have no AE Housman tag, which I choose to believe is a sign of increased emotional maturity since moving to Dreamwidth, but which will almost certainly be changed this month if I'm really going to stick with the queer poets. (I promise though, there will be NO "Diffugere Nives", because I don't need it as an emotional crutch any more! *uses Housman icon to spite self*)

Ok, all that taken care of: a few nights ago I chanced upon an incredibly delightful Auden poem which is, you know, pretty good out of context, but is deliciously catty given the appropriate context. Especially given the attention given to the Isherwood/Auden relationship in the recent Christopher and His Kind biopic, now seems like the perfect time to pimp this historical relationship to you, o flist.

So first, I'm including a ton of context from assorted Isherwood autobiographies below the cut )

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Sunday, 6 June 2010 08:09
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I keep being obsessed with Auden's Christmas Day poem to Chester Kallman.

Because it is in you... )

In the last six months I've fallen head over heels into Fandom: Mid-Twentieth Century Artistic Queers Who Hung Out With Christopher Isherwood. It started with Britten, spread to Auden, and I am dangerously close to dropping everything and running to pick up a copy of Berlin Stories so that I can be genuinely fannish about Isherwood, not just fannish about Isherwood via Cabaret. I'm still trying to figure out if Blitzstein, who I have adored since high school, gets to come and play in the fandom despite having been KILLED BY PIRATES in the 30s. (No really!)

Part of me wants to put of a Crack-Van style summary of them, but that seems just silly. I am pretty sure that Isherwood would be the little black dress of the fandom, because he brought everyone to Hollywood and got them all jobs working on motion pictures. Auden is the suave slightly older fellow, being much more out than everyone and pushing them onward into decadent gay lifestyles. Britten is the perpetually young, perpetually repressed golden boy, who everyone seems to have had a thing for. Sadly, Blitzstein is too busy getting killed by pirates to hang out with anyone but jerky Brecht.
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So, yesterday was not very successful from a skiing perspective, but the failure at skiing was a productive failure, in terms of random silly creative output.

Tragedy, Williams, Gorey )


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