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I'm alive, I promise! The last month or so has hit me like a ton of bricks, with the net result that I've been avoiding all but the most superficial forms of social media, and have been using *those* to an extreme degree. (Namely, lots of tweeting from [twitter.com profile] 3pershand, actually using [tumblr.com profile] ars-amatoria after having it unused for a couple of years. Uh, yeah.

But Dreamwidth, honey baby, honey doll, I'm totally back, I'm totally here to be with you.

I'm going to start things light, by sharing some fannish works from the last stretch of time. I was massively creative in late December/early January (and I'm hoping to get that creative energy back between now and when BRBB is due D:) with the following results:

I participated in [livejournal.com profile] bandomstuffsit and it was awesome. I got a really sweet Panic at the Disco university werewolf AU, You Say We Can't Be Perfect by [livejournal.com profile] estei.

And I wrote "Trade Mistakes" [LJ link @ stuffsit] [AO3 link].
It was a really fun story to write. I'd started it ages and ages ago and promptly wrote myself into a corner. After starting down a couple of paths that didn't quite work out for stuffsit (one of which I will eventually turn into the novel it deserves to be), I pulled this out and dusted it off. [personal profile] fifteendozentimes helped me out of the corner, and [personal profile] lierdumoa gave me really helpful last-minute feedback.

I love the body-swap trope so much, and even more than that, I love poking at tropes and weirding them, and I think I did a pretty good job of that here. And it was fun to write something that was all banter and sex and no plot. Who cares how they swapped and how they get back? It's when they're in that state that's the fun part, I swear...

I also posted two stories in the Brendon/Shane/Ian universe that's been living in my head lately:

Take Your Time was a gift for [personal profile] fifteendozentimes, and it's sleepy domestic fluff, probably the fluffiest thing I've ever written. [personal profile] girlpearl was my superbeta. And. AND. [personal profile] fifteendozentimes podficced it and the podfic is awesome and I think sets the mood even better than the story does and I go all *____* every time I listen to it.

I also posted a notfic in the Brendon/Shane/Ian universe that sets up how they got together and establishes the world a bit more. It was the first set of notes I wrote for the universe, and it's sort of fun and silly and cements my newfound habit of writing a piece of pornography about every social media site/tool ever. This one has skype porn; I seriously need to finish up the twitter humiliation kink fic :P

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Ok, that was an amazing fucking concert. I am going to bed now. But before I do, let's talk briefly about something that Dallon licked and then threw into the audience, where it bounced off my head.

image behind the cut )

Here are a few pieces of related punctuation: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Today, after resisting for a while, I joined the club of people who have written fic about Brendon Urie's ADHD.

On Each Other's Minds, Brendon + Spencer bodyswap gen. ~500 words.
Spencer's been in Brendon's body for six hours now, and it's driving him crazy.

(Also known as "The Self-Indulgent Brain Chemistry Body-Swap Ficlet." Featuring an awesome beta by [personal profile] were_duck and equally awesome hand-holding from [personal profile] yarngeek and [livejournal.com profile] bluestalking)

Wee meta on brain chemistry and bodyswap )

A bit more rambling on ADHD in PatD fandom )
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Ok, so. Panic! At the Disco. Were in New York last night. As was I. [personal profile] oliviacirce wanted an introvert night, so I got a ticket off of a dude on Craigslist and went out to Terminal 5 by myself to see the show. In line I was the only person in my general area who *wasn't* a teenager, so I entertained myself by knitting and looking like an old person. And being the only pair of wingtips in a sea of chucks.

I'd only gotten there an hour before the doors opened, and while I could have been mid-floor-crowd, I decided instead to go up to the balcony and watch from there, where I got a really good standing position. Advantages turned out to be: (a) I was standing somewhere where I had a wall on my front and my right so I could store my bag safely instead of using coat check, and it had a flat surface, which meant that even though I had no cell service within the building I was able to whip out my notebook and TAKE NOTES (b) when Brendon suddenly appeared on the balcony for "Always" (on which, more later), that was 10 feet away from me \o/. Anyway, I have NOTES #geek

Because I was alone, I was idly playing spot-the-fangirl, which was rather easy up on the balcony. And when I realized that the woman on my left was rather aggressively engaging with twitter, I screwed up my courage and said "Excuse me, are you from the internet? I too am from the internet!" And lo! I had a concert buddy for the evening. Unfortunately, while we exchanged (user)names, I did not write hers down, but it was something like vanelle, or zanelle, or something along those lines? And she was from Boston? If anybody happens to know her, it would be excellent, because I promised her I'd sent her the photo I took of the "Production! At the Disco" wireless network as it appeared in her wireless settings, because her phone camera couldn't focus on my wireless settings... It also appears from twitter photo angle evidence that the group of fangirls standing in front of me were actually friends of Olivia's, but we were Ships Passing In the Night. Stage Buddy had been to the Boston show two days' earlier, and provided periodic color on how the two shows were had varied.

Anyway, the show! Cut for length. And by length, I mean like 2k words of concert talk under here, not for the faint of heart )
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If you have no interest in my giddy bouncing re: Panic! at the Disco's new album, feel free to move along.

Notes from "first" listen-through (ha ha ha like I haven't been listen to the FB stream on repeat for the last week. Like I didn't create a sock puppet FB account JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE. Um. But I hadn't downloaded any of the leaks.)

So, notes )


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