Thursday, 26 May 2011

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Ok, so. Panic! At the Disco. Were in New York last night. As was I. [personal profile] oliviacirce wanted an introvert night, so I got a ticket off of a dude on Craigslist and went out to Terminal 5 by myself to see the show. In line I was the only person in my general area who *wasn't* a teenager, so I entertained myself by knitting and looking like an old person. And being the only pair of wingtips in a sea of chucks.

I'd only gotten there an hour before the doors opened, and while I could have been mid-floor-crowd, I decided instead to go up to the balcony and watch from there, where I got a really good standing position. Advantages turned out to be: (a) I was standing somewhere where I had a wall on my front and my right so I could store my bag safely instead of using coat check, and it had a flat surface, which meant that even though I had no cell service within the building I was able to whip out my notebook and TAKE NOTES (b) when Brendon suddenly appeared on the balcony for "Always" (on which, more later), that was 10 feet away from me \o/. Anyway, I have NOTES #geek

Because I was alone, I was idly playing spot-the-fangirl, which was rather easy up on the balcony. And when I realized that the woman on my left was rather aggressively engaging with twitter, I screwed up my courage and said "Excuse me, are you from the internet? I too am from the internet!" And lo! I had a concert buddy for the evening. Unfortunately, while we exchanged (user)names, I did not write hers down, but it was something like vanelle, or zanelle, or something along those lines? And she was from Boston? If anybody happens to know her, it would be excellent, because I promised her I'd sent her the photo I took of the "Production! At the Disco" wireless network as it appeared in her wireless settings, because her phone camera couldn't focus on my wireless settings... It also appears from twitter photo angle evidence that the group of fangirls standing in front of me were actually friends of Olivia's, but we were Ships Passing In the Night. Stage Buddy had been to the Boston show two days' earlier, and provided periodic color on how the two shows were had varied.

Anyway, the show! Cut for length. And by length, I mean like 2k words of concert talk under here, not for the faint of heart )


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