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All the Wrong Turns, photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jvc/3059018999/

I created the Fanmix "All the Wrong Turns" for Bandom Reverse Big bang and was lucky enough to get the really incredible story The Stumbles and Falls by [personal profile] fifteendozentimes.

Paul didn't know the mix was mine when he claimed it, but a month or so after claims I gave in and came out to him as his mixer, and I've loved getting the chance to watch his creative process. It's a really great story--it hits the emotional tenor of the mix squarely and does the thing that I love the most about his Jon fic--it's a deeply empathetic view of someone who makes a series of bad choices and refuses to talk about them and in doing so screws himself over even more. And then gets a happy ending anyway.

(Plus bonus Ian/Shane--how could I resist THAT?) (Never let it be said that [personal profile] fifteendozentimes doesn't know how to target a story to his audience.)

I'm so grateful to the BRBB mods for the hard work they put in--this challenge was run so well. Their organization has knocked my socks off.

[link to mix]

Track listing:
01. Bittersweet - Panic! At the Disco
02. Might Tell You Tonight - Scissor Sisters
03. My Phone's on Vibrate for You - Rufus Wainwright
04. Closer - Covered by Richard Cheese
05. Toxic - Covered by Nickel Creek
06. Sugar, We're Going Down - Covered by Goat
07. Careless Whisper - Covered by Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright
08. Don't Look Back in Anger - Covered by Devandra Banhart
09. From a Motel 6 - Yo La Tengo
10. We're Just Friends - Wilco
11. Together - Patrick Wolf
12. The Luckiest - Ben Folds
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A Better Solution cover

Track listing. See below for full text.

A Better Solution: A Fanmix for [livejournal.com profile] mrwubbles's awesome Star Trek/White Collar fusion "Behind the Shield." Created for STBB 2010.
"You cheated."

"I did not!" Kirk sat up straighter and glowered. "I just…found a better solution."

Zip with all the songs: [mp3]

Track listing:
Part 1 - Jim:
Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
Self-Control - The Bloodsugars
Keep It Together - Aqueduct
El Greco - Paula Cole
Running - Jason Mraz

City Lights - The Landing

Part 2 - Bones:
I Look for You - Oysterband
Modern Man - Arcade Fire
Stray Italian Greyhound - Vienna Teng
Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills, & Nash
Stuck in the Middle With You - Bob Dylan and Paul Simon

Me and My Shadow - Robbie Williams and Jonathan Wilkes
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Gold Tithings Barren

Gold Tithings Barren, a soundtrack for "suggestions for living your life in spoken verse" by [livejournal.com profile] atomicskull

Created for Star Trek Big Bang 2010

Zip with all the songs: [aac version] [mp3 version] - or click on the album cover for the MP3 version.

Track Listing:
1. Apocalypse Please -- Muse
2. Sodom, South Georgia -- Iron & Wine
3. Bright Sunny South -- Alison Krauss & Union Station
4. Four Hours in Washington -- M. Ward
5. Iowa (Traveling 3) -- Dar Williams
6. Psalms 40:2 -- The Mountain Goats
7. Unstable Journey -- Guided by Voices
8. Country of the Future -- Mirah
9. Rags and Bones -- Thea Gilmore
10. In Your Arms Tonight -- Stephen Trask
11. Bone Chaos in the Castle -- Kaki King
12. I'm Not Driving Anymore -- Rob Dougan
13. Ease Your Feet In the Sea -- Belle & Sebastian
14. Welcome to California -- Little Wings
15. I See the Boys of Summer -- Tom O'Bedlam


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