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Clonebanging: Even Doctor Who canon is into it. I am counting this as a win. [Part One] [Part Two]. Amy Pond, you indescribable badass.

Cake-stealing: Lex Luthor's doing it canonically now. And it is not terrible.

Oh also

Wednesday, 5 January 2011 10:13
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My head hurts.

David Tennant is marrying Georgia Moffett? Who played Jenny (the Doctor's daughter)? And who is apparently in fact Peter Davison's daughter?

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I was just looking sentimentally at the apartment that [personal profile] yarngeek and [personal profile] oliviacirce and I used to live in, on Google Maps, and then I panned over to the scary Weeping Angel house on Richland (like you do). The one with the row of CREEPY statues, which are all looking down except for that one that has its head turned to look at you as you pass on the street.

For probably two months after I watched "Blink" I was so scared of passing that house. I'd tense up with anticipation for about three houses before it, and wouldn't be ok again until I made it home. Eventually, I got over it and started to think of the statues as my little creepy buddies. I'd say hello to them every time I passed. Also to the recycled metal dragon in the same yard. By the time I moved away I was really fond of that house.

the part that has the vaguest of spoilers for 'Time of Angels' )
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This is the post that was keeping me from posting to DW/LJ for the last month. I wrote it in London.

Hope it was worth it?


Doesn't the subject line sound like a great action book for kids? Anyway, today was the day where I finally watched "Waters of Mars"* and also the day where I went to the V&A.

I only had enough energy for one floor, but I kind of fell in love with the V&A because it's so great from a historiographical perspective. Every museum has an agenda; the V&A is awesome in that it continues to wear its own on its sleeve so long after the end of the British Empire. May it never change.

Example: the India section claims to have only one small wall on "India and Britain" but the entire section is largely composed of:
  • European Dresses made out of Indian cotton, with a special focus on printed floral patterns. (By European, I mean, of course, English, with some influences from France and Holland.)

  • Dishware and candelabras made in India with British supervision.

  • Explanation of the local governments c. 1890, all of which were established by the English.

  • My personal favorite bit. As I described it to [personal profile] oliviacirce: "Here is that traditional trope of Indian art, the European being eaten by a tiger. It is a well-known allusion to the the Mahabharata."

Anyway, the conclusion is that the Doctor is clearly a symbolic representation of the British Empire )

* I THINK THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER WATCHED WHO LEGALLY. Three cheers for timing a trip to England with an episode release!


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