Tuesday, 22 March 2011

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The best thing that happened to me this Purim was Gape Saporta dressing up as Jesus /o\. And hanging out with a scary bird-creature.

cut to spare your flist the egregious red-eye )

Other gifts from the universe in the last few days or so:
Hamantaschen as Sierpinski Triangle!

Mikey/Mikey/Mikey fanart on deviantart (thanks [personal profile] were_duck! Also thanks for introducing me to the word "döppelcest", which is going to get way more use out of me than it really should.)

I do not stop listening to Ryland Blackinton's music beats. I think I currently account for half a percent of all views of this on YouTube.

Amazing, amazing, amazing review of the current Batman arc. Sample:
David: Did you know that bats scramble on the sides of trains? It would help if Batman also thought some trivia about bats at us so that this could be an educational book too!

Laura: I appreciate this both because 1) He is telling us something that we can see with absolute clarity and 2) he is reminding us that Batman is a character who emulates bats, through the voice of Batman.

David: The issue you're alluding to will bring us to one of the primary challenges of this comic, I think. Which is the multiple plots and how they overlap. Like, shirtless Bruce is telling this story right now, but then it seems like he's actually telling a story about this time that he was telling Robin a story about the time that he was on the train. And that's when things start to get crazy.

Laura: You mean when we discover that there's a maniac there with him on top of the train? A Spanish maniac? Whose codename is MANIACO?

David: He is a maniac, Laura.

Also, I made up my entire sleep debt. But have apparently chosen to get it all back tonight or something /o\ SLEEPING NOW.


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