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epershand: An ampersand (epershand)

epershand's Journal

Knowledge, sir! Useful for its own sake, sir!

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Created on 2009-05-01 14:48:50 (#171716), last updated 2014-07-27 (169 weeks ago)

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Twenty-something techie living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prone to ridiculousness. Involved in fandom in general rather than any particular fandom, with a particular focus on history, literature, and sff. Obsessed with transformative works of all kinds. Brain currently being eaten by bandom.

Saucy pedantic wretch. Known gadfly. Compulsive devil's advocate. Prone to treating pop culture like high art and high art like pop culture.

Superpowers: Slightly-better-than-average vision, superhuman immune system, and knowing lots of inane facts.

Fatal flaws: Easily distracted by patterns in floor tiles, allergic to many animals, more vegetables, and even a few minerals. Unable to control proper nouns. Works in online advertising (and enjoys it).

Really, why talk about myself when I can have others do it for me?

  • "Being with you is like being with a highly-educated ten-year-old." - [ profile] eccentric_hat

  • "You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman." - a stranger on Slashdot

  • "If you were a ninja, you'd totally be killed by all the other ninjas." - [personal profile] solaciolum

  • "You are like a deranged woodland creature." - [personal profile] oliviacirce

Access Policy:
I tend to follow people as the whim strikes me, generally if the content is interesting, and will generally say hi when I do. Feel free to follow or unfollow me at will.

Unless otherwise noted, I've made all the icons I use. Please feel free to reuse and/or transform any of my icons as you see fit, with one exception: my default icon (the cursive ampersand) tends to be my all-purpose avatar for this username, and I'd be REALLY confused if I saw someone else using it.

Interests (68):

a e houseman's manpain, advertising industry meta, alan turing, alexander hamilton, analytic philosophy, apple cider, beeswax, block crayons, bouncing ferrets, cradle will rock, crescendos, de morgan's law, edith wharton, embarrassing 90s pop, english kings with numbers ending in iii, entscheidungsproblem, executive functions, fanfiction, fountain pens, freedom vanilla, gender-bending speculative fiction, graham greene, grammar, hysteria, interests that use too many characters, iteration, james tiptree jr, judaism, knitting, kurt gödel, late night conversations, latin, literature, lois mcmaster bujold, m&cs, making things, mid-twentieth century queer artists, musicals, northern california, obviously lying voice, out-of-date in-jokes, paper, polyamory, power chords, queerness, radical connectionism, religious convictions, sappho, slash, socrates' sex life, sparkle-free vampires, stage gay, stars, storms, strummy lesbian music, theatre, transformative works, undead languages, unreliable narrators, used bookstores, useless knowledge, vegetarianism, western massachusetts, willits, wiscon, women's education worldwide, you, גולם
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