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Drive by post to mention that the rumors you've heard our true--[personal profile] marina's mutation is indeed the ability to transmogrify any space into a purring fangirl cuddle pile.

There have been adventures! [personal profile] marina has narrated them! There was twitter party liveblogging excellence during the XMFC Sobriety Was Never An Option party. [personal profile] kuwdora has consolidated them! I have seen many delightful people who I hadn't met before or hadn't seen in months or even years!

This morning I tiptoed out of a household full of slowly-stirring fangirls and went off to work a shift at my chorus's booze booth at the Folsom Street Fair, where I mixed twelve-gallon jugs of alcohol and snuck off to see TurbonegrA when they turned out to be performing a block away! And then I got to wander around with kuwdora and marina, taking smutty photographs of candy and boggling at the anatomy of others. I also acquired a delightful riding crop, although my rigorous comparison process... might mean that I have to wear long sleeves to work tomorrow >_<.

Tomorrow there will be Neon Trees, step 28339862695 in the clever process by which I intend to lure everyone around me into bandom in general, and the Neon Trees fandom I wish existed in particular. According to stories from Marina, though, I'm not nearly as clever at this as [personal profile] roga is...
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Had really lovely dinner with [personal profile] kuwdora tonight, wherein we plotted next week's Adventures With [personal profile] marina, I learned about Sanctuary, and kuwdora learned that in my head all of bandom is SECRETLY six degrees of Mormons and ex-Mormons. (Some people think of it as six degrees of Pete Wentz and Gerard Way, but apparently for me it's six degrees of Brendon Urie and Bert McCracken.)

And then I got home to find the hot water heater leaking all over the kitchen floor, because while my new home is the most adorable and most reasonably priced apartment in San Francisco it is NOT the lowest-maintenance. (In order to get working internet, I wound up having to have AT&T rewire the phone lines completely last weekend. On the bright side, FIBEROPTIC O.O)

One conversation with the Hot Water Heater Company and two with the Building Management Company later, I will apparently have someone out to take a look at it first thing in the morning. Let us keep our fingers crossed that the Hot Water Heater Company people are wrong and it doesn't require replacement, SHALL WE?

Also let's celebrate my calm in the face of large puddles, and the very clear documentation on the side of the heater for (a) turning off the gas and water and (b) calling the necessary people to resolve the problem.

Cheerier things

Wednesday, 15 December 2010 22:08
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I. "Venetian Tendencies"

I enthused about Daphne du Maurier's bisexuality to the point of being boring last weekend, but only because she is REALLY FASCINATING. Mostly I think her internalized homophobia and insistence that she loved women in a SPECIAL AND UNIQUE way that none of "the L people" did is hilarious. If she had been 40 years older she would have been a garden-variety Sapphist; she was just lined up with the wrong trends. Oh Daphne, you can be a special and unique flower if you want to be, it rubs my "hypocrisy in historical figures" kink just the right way.

Of particular note is the similarity between the language she uses in her letters about the threat of her own homosexuality and the language that the narrator in Rebecca uses about the threat of Mrs. Danvers; I did after all find this article in pursuit of my ongoing trawl for any and all Rebecca fanfiction that might live on the internet. Maybe what I actually want to read is Gothic lesbian pulp novels. Maybe what I want to do is just re-read all the Gothic novels of my youth and slash them.

II. Fangirls

I had an entirely charming encounter with teenage fangirls on Sunday afternoon. I was waiting at a bus stop across the street from Japantown when suddenly I realized the conversation the girls next to me were having was about ST reboot actor RPS. I made hearthands at them, we exchanged fannish smalltalk, and then we went our separate ways, but it made me smile. A lot.

III. You may not know this about me, but there's this band and I'm obsessed with them, because I'm in the honeymoon stage of the relationship. Moving on.

IV. In other news about things that I want to read, let's talk about my to-read list right now:
People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy [ed by Rachel Swirsky]
Citizen, Invert, Queer: Lesbianism and War in Early Twentieth-Century Britain [Deb Cohler]
Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews -- A History [James Carroll]
All the INCREDIBLE FICTION that is going to be on the Kobo that I, uh, won in the Carl Brandon Society auction (YAY CARL BRANDON SOCIETY). If the US Postal Service stops holding it hostage... it has been four days since the last update on the delivery tracking.

Basically what I am saying is that I am very much looking forward to Christmas break and the time and brainpower for reading it will bring. As if I will actually read anything but Yuletide... ha!


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