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2014-07-26 09:15 pm

Overheard on Valencia Street

White male: I just feel like I have very little in common with most people in software engineering.
White female: Well, you're a white male, so you have a lot more in common with them than people who aren't white and aren't male.
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2012-06-27 08:54 am

Quick hit: Rebecca Tushnet liveblogged the DMCA hearings

Earlier this month, the OTW's legal chair, Rebecca Tushnet, testified at the bienniel hearings on exceptions to the DMCA. She was there to argue specifically for an exception to the rules about breaking DRM in cases where the resulting work would be fair use, particularly for fanvids. But while she was there, she liveblogged the entire proceeding.

Her notes are dense and detailed--I've been working slowly through them over the course of the last month--but most likely to be of interest to many folks. Some posts I found particularly interesting:

DMCA: Remix
The broader point is that people (highly experienced lawyers among them) generally try to figure out what makes sense and guide their behavior thereby. It does not make sense to a non-copyright lawyer that a fair use might still be in violation of the anticircumvention law, and so they don’t think of it or even believe it. The idea of “alternatives” to circumvention like screen capture is not meaningful in this environment. The question is whether fair uses carried out through circumvention are going to be made illegal despite the resulting harm to fair users and the failure to decrease infringement. Vidders and noncommercial artists generally only find out about the DMCA after the fact, when they receive a takedown notice.

This dynamic—where the alternatives don’t make sense and therefore provide no practical alternative to circumvention, is one that I’ve called a “digital literacy test,” like the classic literacy tests used to disenfranchise minority voters in the past. And this problem is enhanced by further uncertainty surrounding the supposed alternatives.

Again, artist is being asked to master a skill orthogonal to her art, despite her testimony that it won’t work for her, and we’re told she must have been doing it wrong despite the fact that she’s spent more time with video editing than the rest of us put together. This fits into the message that women and minority artists often get: your concerns don’t matter; your priorities don’t count. And when you lose one of these to a black screen, it doesn’t get made up by another piece of speech.

DMCA: Documentaries, Fictional Film, and Ebooks
We are seeking this renewal to preserve the fair use we reclaimed with the statement of best practices in fair use. The Interruptors, just on Frontline, had plenty of fair use clips. We just want it updated to deal with new technical standards from broadcasts and theatrical presenters. Any solution that involves licensing, managing copies, streaming—that involves us having to go and ask permission from the people we may be critiquing, parodying, arguing about—any of that is unacceptable. We are exercising a right: it is important not to require permission.

DMCA: Accessibility
The problem is that the stuff we release is open source, and so we wouldn’t be able to release our software without your DRM which is in violation of your license.

Netflix just told a federal court in Mass. that they’d love to caption all their content, but we can’t do it because to do so we’d have to circumvent an access control. Huge fraction of online video comes from them. That’s in the public record.
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2012-06-16 01:54 pm

You keep using the word "progressive." I... do not think it means what you think it means.

The terrible-amazing-terrible tell-all biography of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother I've been nibbling away at for the last month or so has just outdone itself.

Yet Edward VIII's beliefs and style were far more in keeping with those of our age. Had he been given a fair chance, the British Empire might not have gone into the terminal decline it did as soon as his brother succeeded him. For the fact is, King George VI oversaw the immediate and precipitate decline of the British Empire's fortunes. He oversaw the beginning of the dismantling of the Empire, which continued under his daughter, and might well have been averted had a more progressive king been on the throne. And a progressive king with an American queen might well have been just the antidote to much of the the antipathy which saw nationalists like Gandhi and Jinnah prevail.

- Lady Colin Campbell. The Queen Mother: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Who Became Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. p 356, Nook edition.

(Every time people ask me the title of the book I'm reading, I'm like "uh, something involving the words 'Elizabeth' and 'Queen Mother' repeated a lot of times? I can't remember the order?" If it were up to me the title would be A Very Catty History of the Twentieth Century, By A Determined Partisan of Edward VIII.)

I am just enjoying this book SO MUCH, in, ironically, very much the same way I enjoyed the V&A museum. I'm so used to the historical accounts I read, however biased they are, spend a lot of time appearing to be neutral and objective. It's oddly refreshing to see something so coldly pleased with its own biases that it wears them on its sleeve.

(I'm also in the middle of listening to the audio books of Jo Walton's Small Change Trilogy, which I last read a few years go. I am really excited that I got to the Abdication Crisis in this book right as I got to the Edward VIII bits of Half a Crown. But ACCORDING TO LADY COLIN CAMPBELL that whole "Nazi sympathies" thing was just a nasty rumor Elizabeth started. *nodnod*)
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2012-06-13 11:48 am

A brief love note to the AO3

You know, I kvetch about the AO3 a lot, and their coding team has been doing a lot of hustling lately without getting a lot of love but damn. Sometimes I am just hit by how fucking RIGHT they've done something.

For example: right now I'm helping out [personal profile] starlady with a fandom studies project, by writing her a script that looks at fanfiction html and extracts fandom, ship, publication date, etc. I'm writing dedicated parsers for a few major fic archives.

This is (roughly speaking) what my code looks like for the AO3:

def GetAo3Metadata(self):
"""Extract metadata from Archive of Our Own Beautiful Soup object."""
self.metadata.author = # Find the "a" tag with the class "login author"
self.metadata.title = # Find the "h2" tag with the class title heading"
self.metadata.rating = # Get all items from the list with the class "rating tags"

This is, roughly speaking, what the code looks like for everything else:

def ParseFanfictionNetMetadata(self):
"""Extract metadata from Fanfiction.net Beautiful Soup object."""
# Find the block called "gui_table1" because, you know, that's meaningful.
# Fuck it, just extract all the text from that block.
# And then do a regular expression search.
# And then take a shot.

Or like this:

def ParseYuletideTreaureMetadata(self):
"""Extract metadata from Yuletidetreasure.org Beautiful Soup object."""
# Fuck is this the nineties? Are there really NO DIVS in this code?
# Or class attributes?
# Or even fucking paragraph blocks?
# Fuck it, I'm drinking.
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2012-05-29 11:39 am


I've left WisCon (glorious WisCon!) but I'm not quite home yet. I'm now in Burlington, VT, helping [personal profile] fifteendozentimes pack up so he can move across the country and in with me \o/.

But wow has it been a good week or so. I flew to Chicago last Tuesday and spent a night with my sister before catching a bus up to Madison Wednesday morning. I spent some quality time with [personal profile] oliviacirce before heading over to [personal profile] were_duck's place. I spent a few days hanging out with [personal profile] were_duck and [personal profile] futuransky and then WisCon! About which I will hopefully write more later. (I am making no promises on that front, though, because every time I do that it's almost a sure sign that I will NOT write the post in question.)

Sunday night, instead of going to bed early like a sensible person would, I powernapped and hung out at room parties and lobbycon until it was time to get ready for my 5am bus. The travel was super smooth and easy, and I slept for the entire bus ride and then again for a couple of hours after we got back to [personal profile] fifteendozentimes's current place. And then last night I SLEPT FOR EIGHT HOURS HOMG WHO DOES THAT IT IS AMAZING.

Also there have been Starbucks adventures and Toys R Us adventures and packing and an amazing thunderstorm and stuff. Tomorrow back to San Francisco, [personal profile] fifteendozentimes in tow. Yay!

This has been a brief summary. So mote it be.
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2012-05-24 11:23 am

Madison I am in you!

WisCon I am excited about you.

Large fraction of my dwircle, I am looking forward to seeing you. Huzzah!

*continues to read internet lazily in [personal profile] were_duck's apartment*
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2012-04-22 01:29 am

Rebroadcasting from E-Cube #8


For the past several years, WisCon has done a live video feed of Sunday night's guest of honor speeches. The feed is sent live via the hotel's network to a monitor in the Conference 1 room so that those with severe allergies or other access needs can view the speeches in real time with the rest of WisCon's members. Traditionally, an A/V volunteer with video production skills has worked with our Internet Lounge coordinator to make this happen for WisCon members.

This year, WisCon does not yet have a volunteer with video production experience who is willing to do video for the guest of honor speeches. As a result, there is a real possibility that we will not be able to provide the live video feed, thereby denying full access to WisCon members with special access needs.

If you have experience with video production, please consider volunteering a few hours of your time to insure that we can make WisCon fully accessible to all its members. Volunteers receive a nifty gift and can qualify for a rebate on their membership. If you can help, please send an inquiry to concom36@wiscon.info.

**We also still need volunteers to assist with WisCon's daily A/V needs, such as looking after microphones, projectors, and screens. Insuring that A/V equipment needs are met insures that WisCon remains accessible to all of its members. Again, if you can help, send an email to concom36@wiscon.info.

I'm going to be wrangling A/V volunteers at-con, but my video knowledge is basically nil. As the e-cube post mentions, A/V helps meet some of the major accessibility issues a con has, and we can use all the help we can get.

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2012-04-14 08:04 pm


Apparently there's a whole concept of videos on youtube that are Fantasia numbers with new or different scores.

For instance, three different interpretations of "Flight of the Whales" from Fantasia 3000:

Flight synced to DJ Tiesto "Ten Seconds Before Sunrise" and Sigur Ros "Untitled 6". No disrespect towards the original score. RESPECT Tiesto.

I composed this music as a rescore to the "Flight of the Whales" portion of Fantasia 2000. This was written while I was a student in the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program at USC.

The orchestra (65-piece, medium size) was recorded on the Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Brothers Studios.

This is for educational purposes only, not for commercial use.

I freaking love the internet.
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2012-04-11 08:43 am


Huzzah! I am starting to get my WisCon logistics in hand! So with no further ado, my 2012 WisCon logistics post!

I'm arriving in Madison on the evening of Tuesday, May 22, and leaving freakishly early on Monday, May 28 (No Monday programming for me. Sadface.) The delightful [personal profile] were_duck is putting me up for the duration \o/. My early arrival means that I'll actually get to do things like karaoke--yay!

(Madisonians - if you have time, l'd love to have pre-con hangouts with you Wednesday or Thursday. And if you're looking at this and speculating that I will be available to help you with last-minute convention prep tasks, then... that is possible. As long as your task doesn't involve dust.)

I'm currently on the following two panels (I've offered a third, but have no idea if I'll land on it)

Feminist Open Source Fandom Sat, 4:00–5:15 pm

There have now been several excellent Open Source projects that both adopted explicitly-feminist policies and addressed pressing needs of fandom, most notably Archive of Our Own and Dreamwidth. It is proposed that fandom offers an alternative to the established open source software culture, one that is more welcoming of feminist ideals. How have these projects succeeded? In what ways did their feminist stance enable that success? In what ways do their products reflect these same ideals? How do open source and feminism complement or conflict? What can we, as both participants and users, do to extend, build on or replicate these successes? How can we extend this consciousness to other axes of oppression and under-representation?

Gender-Variant Characters in SF (moderator) Sun, 8:30–9:45 am

Let's explore how gender variance and/or variant/trans* characters are represented in Science Fiction. How often are gender-variant characters used for the purpose of examining the experiences of cisgender individuals? How often is the variance of these characters integrated into a character/individual level experience? The example of the former, a planet-of-hats scenario (such as was done on Star Trek) in which a whole society is genderless/gender-variant, comes to mind. Mass Effect is an example of the use of a "mono-gendered" (yet hyper-sexualized) race, the Asari. How about a story where a whole species is genderless or gender-variant? Dragon Age 2 has one of the most prominent examples of a trans* character, Serendipity.

Note: I would love your suggestions of books and other things I should take a look at for Gender-Variant Characters in SF. I've got some existing favorites but would love more.
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2012-04-02 10:56 am


This morning I got my ranty-pants on on the subject of Bella Swan. The following is presented almost entirely unedited; though I've removed my interlocutor's portion of the conversation to protect the innocent.

mostly i am just bitter people keep bashing bella swan in favor of katniss
bella swan's my GIRL
I FUCKING LOVE BELLA SWAN, and everyone needs to step off

every time I read another article that is like "this katniss is awesome unlike that wet blanket bella swan" I am like :((((

I really need to write my IN DEFENSE OF BELLA SWAN essay

and then when she gets her vampire super power it is SUPER-PROTECTIVENESS

and she is an atheist who mostly wants to get laid and the only time edward does things she doesn't like it is romantic things
and then she is like GIVE ME SEXIN
and edward is like BUT YOU ARE A DELICATE FLOWER
and she is like FUCK THAT NONSENSE
bella is the best
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2012-03-15 09:59 pm

Bandom Reverse Big Bang Fanmix

All the Wrong Turns, photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jvc/3059018999/

I created the Fanmix "All the Wrong Turns" for Bandom Reverse Big bang and was lucky enough to get the really incredible story The Stumbles and Falls by [personal profile] fifteendozentimes.

Paul didn't know the mix was mine when he claimed it, but a month or so after claims I gave in and came out to him as his mixer, and I've loved getting the chance to watch his creative process. It's a really great story--it hits the emotional tenor of the mix squarely and does the thing that I love the most about his Jon fic--it's a deeply empathetic view of someone who makes a series of bad choices and refuses to talk about them and in doing so screws himself over even more. And then gets a happy ending anyway.

(Plus bonus Ian/Shane--how could I resist THAT?) (Never let it be said that [personal profile] fifteendozentimes doesn't know how to target a story to his audience.)

I'm so grateful to the BRBB mods for the hard work they put in--this challenge was run so well. Their organization has knocked my socks off.

[link to mix]

Track listing:
01. Bittersweet - Panic! At the Disco
02. Might Tell You Tonight - Scissor Sisters
03. My Phone's on Vibrate for You - Rufus Wainwright
04. Closer - Covered by Richard Cheese
05. Toxic - Covered by Nickel Creek
06. Sugar, We're Going Down - Covered by Goat
07. Careless Whisper - Covered by Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright
08. Don't Look Back in Anger - Covered by Devandra Banhart
09. From a Motel 6 - Yo La Tengo
10. We're Just Friends - Wilco
11. Together - Patrick Wolf
12. The Luckiest - Ben Folds
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2012-02-26 10:43 pm

Feminism, sex-positivity, and sexual prescriptivism

I put more time than I probably should have tonight into being unhappy about the comment threads on the Feministing post An Asexual Map for Sex-Positive Feminism.

There were two things that bugged me a lot. The first was seeing a bunch of sex-positive people acting like assholes in all the ways that people who don't like the sex-positive movement always claim sex-positive people act. I really, really hate it when people in movements I feel strong intuitive agreement with start making the straw man arguments that our enemies put into our mouths. I've already had to significantly renegotiate my relationship with feminism on that front; sex-positivity, you're on notice.

The other thing that frustrated me was... when various asexual members of the conversation said things that pushed my sex-positive buttons, hard, and made me want to jump down their throats. /o\

So, there are two big things that I think were happening in that comment thread. The first, as several people in the comment thread noted, is the ambiguity between the statements "What you're saying is at odds with my intuition and so wrapping my head around it is going to take some work--please explain further!" and "What you're saying is unintuitive and incomprehensible--explain yourself!" and the ease of saying one when you intend the other.

The other is, I think, a bit more deeply rooted in sexual identity politics and the nature of conversations about them. The normative range of human sexuality is a very narrow segment of the available spectrum, with the normative female range drawn even more narrowly than the normative male range (see: virgin/whore complex). Any level of sexuality outside that range is marginalized; though the vocabulary is different for each end of the spectrum, the overall effect is similar, and anyone whose normal level of sexual interest falls outside that range is likely to have internalized a set of hot-button phrases that set off defensive "my identity is being attacked" alarms. Unfortunately, it turns out it's really difficult to explain life on one end of the spectrum without stumbling onto phrases that are often used as weapons against the other end of the spectrum.

Further, people who live outside the norm, especially when they gather together into communities, tend to develop narratives that center their own experience in opposition to the norm in ways that are just as marginalizing not only to people who are non-normative in different ways than they are, but to people who happen to be normative as well.

Normative people are not the problem. The systems that describe the norm, coerce people into it, and punish those who don't comply, are the problem. People (and companies, cough legos reference cough) are a problem to the extent that they engage in enforcement and punishment. But compliance with a rule doesn't necessarily imply being duped by it. And enforcement and punishment can come just as often and just as vindictively in defense of counter-cultural norms.

So, for instance. Let's talk about me a little bit. I'm a fan of talking about me. I'm the grand-daughter of a Women's Studies professor. I grew up in a former commune surrounded by environmental activist feminists. I grew up and went off to a women's college, where I came out and started dating. Then I graduated and moved to San Francisco and found a home in the LGBT, fannish, kinky and poly communities, with their substantial overlap.

In my head, the most transgressive sex I've ever had was penis-in-vagina missionary position sex. I was 25 before I ever tried it out, and WOAH was it a head trip. There were all these unspoken, non-negotiated power dynamics that played out in fascinating ways. There was a fascinating ritual of specific actions that happened in a specific order. There was never any trading off of roles like in normal sex! (Ok. Eventually there was trading off.) And it had all these fascinating inherent risks--like, there was just this thin latex bag preventing me from a life-altering mess of hormonal and other biochemical changes that would result in another human being growing inside me like in Alien.

Seriously, it was so trippy. Also it was really fucking hot. Unfortunately, it came along with all this intense emotional baggage about being a bad queer or maybe even a bad feminist for enjoying it so much. And while part of me found that guilt fascinating and transgressive and hot (lol masochist), it was also really, really hard to process.

Somehow, while they tried to help me out, my grandmother and mother and very many practically-aunts; and all the picture books about suffragettes and female scientists and how women could do everything; and Our Bodies, Ourselves and Sociology 101 and hanging out in the Jeanette Marks house and with my gay chorus and in fandom had... taught me an additional set of norms. One that's just as insidious and pervasive as the first set, even if what they said was different.

And while I've been working to neutralize them, to figure out how to pick and choose the ones I value and the ones I want to leave behind, I keep bumping unexpectedly into their strange and slimy trails and the fascinatingly sticky bits where they cross over one another.

I never told my parents about that boy I was having missionary PIV sex with (and never considered myself to be dating him) for fear that if I admitted I wasn't 100% gay they'd assume I was straight; it's highly likely that the only reason I was as comfortable as I was telling my parents about my current boyfriend is the fact that he's trans. (And yeah I know exactly how fucked up and lesbian gender-essentialist that is; trust me. Definitely working on that one.) I'm way more comfortable talking about my sexual interests when I'm in a toppy headspace, not just because I'm more confident when I feel in charge but because talking about my interest in control feels less shameful, less iddy, than talking about my interest in submission. I obsess over my body hair, and my pubic hair in particular--normally I shave it all but if I'm likely to have sex I suddenly get thrown into a tizzy--what assumptions will my partner make about me if they see the bare skin? Will they see, as I do, intentionally created vulnerability and a swath of highly-sensitive skin; or will instead they see a bad feminist a dupe and capitulation to patriarchal infantilization of women? I always, ALWAYS simplified any explanation of one of the most important relationships of my life, one that shifted back and forth along the spectrum between complex more-than-friendship and a deep romance where the sex thing only rarely hit wavelengths that worked for both of us, for fear that it be reduced entirely to friendship.

Because apparently when I was learning norms, I picked up "non-normative is better than normative" right alongside "masculine is better than feminine." Which left me believing not quite that masculine was better than feminine but... that I needed to be more masculine than feminine to defy norms appropriately, no matter what was intuitive, and no matter what my fantasies insisted.

So yeah, when I see an asexual person talk about how they don't understand why some women sexualize themselves, I get pretty damned defensive. I've been hearing the same thing from my internal Good Feminist monitor (and from many internet feminists) for ages and I'm only just learning to silence it. And when I hear sex-positive people claiming that coming up with a million categories to splice apart the complexities of sexual attraction and romantic attraction and intellectual attraction is nonsensical and pedantic? I get defensive about that too.

(And I get very grateful that there are intellectually curious and didactic people like Julia Serano and Hanne Blank and Clarisse Thorne to write very clever things that help me sort this all out in my head.)
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2012-02-08 11:50 pm

In defense of Lego Friends

So I just watched this well-done video on the new Lego Friends line, from Feminist Frequency:

Over the course of the video I went from peeved at Lego to actually really impressed with what they've done and grumpy at all the hate they've been getting for it, the exact opposite of what the video was aiming for.

I know! It's horribly gender-essentialist, all these pink and purple sets designed to help build houses instead of cities, with their human figures that look more like dolls than the iconic lego figurines.

But it's *exactly* the sort of thing that might have gotten me started playing with legos as a kid. I was never really into legos. I loved lincoln logs--I used them to build doll houses. I loved blocks--I used them to build doll houses. And I loved erector sets and chemical bond model kits (look I was the grandchild of a nano-physicist ok????) and mostly I really, really, loved cardboard, which I could cut and fold into ANY SHAPE I WANTED to build things with. (Mostly things for my dolls to live in and/or use.)

Legos always seemed horribly limiting. They only came in rectangles, for one, unlike things like erector sets and all the neat toys at my grandparents' you could use to build elaborate crystalline structures. And there were never enough vertical panels so if you wanted to build a doll house you had to build all your walls out of bricks, which just wasn't that fascinating an activity.

And those lego figures--they're pretty neat, I'll admit, with their different hair options and differently-colored shirts and stuff. But they're anonymous. They're not really people--they're just another shape of brick that you can use to decorate your scenes.

Lego friends introduces a set of distinct *characters* with names and personalities and identifiable features. That's an inroad to being able to use them to tell stories. And if there was one thing that I liked more than designing and building elaborate dollhouses out of everything I could possibly find for that purpose, it was acting out stories with my little sister and our dolls. Lego Friends would have let us do that, and hey, if we needed more pieces or wanted colors other than pink or purple we could have then turned to THE ENTIRE REST OF LEGO-KIND.

The uproar is about the fact that these are being marketed as "legos for girls", and I keep seeing this image being passed around the internet as a preferred marketing campaign:

Little girl in traditionally boyish clothes grinning with her legos. Text overlay reads 'what it is is beautiful.'

And that's great for girls who want to play "like boys". But what about girls (and boys, and others) who want to play "like girls"? Lego Friends isn't necessarily Legos for Girls. It's Legos for Feminine Kids. And I'm sorry, but I can't be angry at Lego marketing itself to feminine kids and giving them a doorway into the broader world of playing with Legos. I created my own inroad with erector sets and the other "masculine" toys I played with, but not every kid does that on their own.

The path "forward" doesn't necessarily have to be a brave march forward into an increasingly "gender-neutral" future where masculinity is the norm. That's not gender-neutral. That's masculine. Sometimes girls don't need to be given the freedom to "act like boys". Sometimes they need the freedom to "act like girls", damnit. (This is the part where I really want to insert a pithy Julia Serano quotation but if I tried it would wind up being everything she's ever said. If you want to pause at this point and get a copy of Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity and read the entire thing I don't blame you--that would be an excellent life choice. But there's only one more paragraph and you can go read all the Serano after that.)

Twenty-ish years ago another toy company did the same thing--they took a toy traditionally sold in neutral colors and created a pastel version, with a set of unique characters, each with their own personality. That was My Little Pony, a toy that's increasingly in the news as it gains more fans of all genders. Can we give Lego the opportunity to do the same?

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2012-02-01 12:33 pm

Hi there dreamwidth *waves*


I'm alive, I promise! The last month or so has hit me like a ton of bricks, with the net result that I've been avoiding all but the most superficial forms of social media, and have been using *those* to an extreme degree. (Namely, lots of tweeting from [twitter.com profile] 3pershand, actually using [tumblr.com profile] ars-amatoria after having it unused for a couple of years. Uh, yeah.

But Dreamwidth, honey baby, honey doll, I'm totally back, I'm totally here to be with you.

I'm going to start things light, by sharing some fannish works from the last stretch of time. I was massively creative in late December/early January (and I'm hoping to get that creative energy back between now and when BRBB is due D:) with the following results:

I participated in [livejournal.com profile] bandomstuffsit and it was awesome. I got a really sweet Panic at the Disco university werewolf AU, You Say We Can't Be Perfect by [livejournal.com profile] estei.

And I wrote "Trade Mistakes" [LJ link @ stuffsit] [AO3 link].
It was a really fun story to write. I'd started it ages and ages ago and promptly wrote myself into a corner. After starting down a couple of paths that didn't quite work out for stuffsit (one of which I will eventually turn into the novel it deserves to be), I pulled this out and dusted it off. [personal profile] fifteendozentimes helped me out of the corner, and [personal profile] lierdumoa gave me really helpful last-minute feedback.

I love the body-swap trope so much, and even more than that, I love poking at tropes and weirding them, and I think I did a pretty good job of that here. And it was fun to write something that was all banter and sex and no plot. Who cares how they swapped and how they get back? It's when they're in that state that's the fun part, I swear...

I also posted two stories in the Brendon/Shane/Ian universe that's been living in my head lately:

Take Your Time was a gift for [personal profile] fifteendozentimes, and it's sleepy domestic fluff, probably the fluffiest thing I've ever written. [personal profile] girlpearl was my superbeta. And. AND. [personal profile] fifteendozentimes podficced it and the podfic is awesome and I think sets the mood even better than the story does and I go all *____* every time I listen to it.

I also posted a notfic in the Brendon/Shane/Ian universe that sets up how they got together and establishes the world a bit more. It was the first set of notes I wrote for the universe, and it's sort of fun and silly and cements my newfound habit of writing a piece of pornography about every social media site/tool ever. This one has skype porn; I seriously need to finish up the twitter humiliation kink fic :P

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2012-01-11 11:53 am

Running in to say this and then running away again

Meme seen everywhere: Pick up the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

"TIP: Specifications should detail the desired behaviors, not the specific implementations."
- The Web Testing Companion by Lydia Ash

Yup, that sounds about right.
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2011-12-31 11:20 pm

Yeah, that conversation totally just happened

Scene: We are watching community.

Abed: ... the brother of the guy on Entourage.
[personal profile] oliviacirce: Rahm Emanuel?
me: No, the brother on Entourage.
[personal profile] oliviacirce: What?
me: Remember the character Merlin was in the Merlin Entourage AU? In the TV show that was the actor's brother.

Yes, I just explained one of Abed's pop cultural reference with a fanfiction AU reference. \o/

(And in 37 minutes it will be 2012 here in US Mountain Time)
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2011-12-04 12:43 pm
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Domesticity meme time!

Snagged from [personal profile] fifteendozentimes

Comment with a pairing I'm invested in and I'll tell you:

who is the big spoon/little spoon
what is their favorite non-sexual activity
who uses all the hot water in the morning
what they order from take out
what is the most trivial thing they fight over
who does most of the cleaning
what has a season pass in their DVR
who controls the netflix queue
who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working
who steals the blankets
who leaves their stuff around
who remembers to buy the milk
who remembers anniversaries
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2011-11-26 05:47 pm

I adored the new Muppets movie but I was confused by its meta-narrative

discussion includes, shockingly, spoilers )

TL;DR Jason Siegel I adored your self-insert muppet fanfiction a lot but suspect you of being crafty.

Also: The last time I was in New York, [personal profile] brainwane and I saw the Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image, and it was really amazing. It's open through January and I strongly recommend going to see it. (I inadvertently wound up wearing a Museum of the Moving Image t-shirt to the movie today and only realized when I took off my sweater after getting home.)
epershand: Abed saying "movie reference." (Abed movie reference)
2011-11-19 10:17 am

I warned you about stairs bro

I am at my parents'! For a week! Today I am going to the wedding of a high school friend! Hurrah for vacation!

Except. um.

The first thing I did when I got home was to carry my bags upstairs to the bedroom I grew up in. And then on the way back I... kind of fell down the stairs a little? Like maybe 8 of them, roughly the second half of the stairwell?

It was a mostly-controlled fall--I grabbed the bannisters a lot. I didn't actually lose control until the very end, and even then I sort of twisted around a bit so I didn't go all the way down to the floor but stopped on the third stair up. I don't seem to have twisted or broken anything is the important part \o/

But, yeah. I took the brunt of the landing on my kneecap, and it is, unshockingly, stiff, sore, and still a bit swollen.

Sigh. I hope there is lots of sitting at this wedding.