epershand: Bicycle and the text "we have nothing to lose but our chains" (Bike communism)
epershand ([personal profile] epershand) wrote2011-12-31 11:20 pm

Yeah, that conversation totally just happened

Scene: We are watching community.

Abed: ... the brother of the guy on Entourage.
[personal profile] oliviacirce: Rahm Emanuel?
me: No, the brother on Entourage.
[personal profile] oliviacirce: What?
me: Remember the character Merlin was in the Merlin Entourage AU? In the TV show that was the actor's brother.

Yes, I just explained one of Abed's pop cultural reference with a fanfiction AU reference. \o/

(And in 37 minutes it will be 2012 here in US Mountain Time)

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