Thursday, 1 September 2011

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I'm still in my PJs, having a late breakfast in [personal profile] oliviacirce's apartment while its full-time residents are off at a T.A. training. The clock on my laptop is still in Pacific time, so I can pretend it's only almost 9 and not almost noon, la la la. (I was totally up in time to have gone to my 8am PST meeting this morning. I blew a raspberry at my clock and started reading my DW backlog instead. Vacation rocks.)

As expected, I feel *much* better than I did yesterday, although the long-standing item on my to-do list "talk to a doctor about the severity of your first day period symptoms and see if you can find a way to lighten them" has definitely gotten an additional underline. I've been procrastinating in part because my gender stuff has lately been saying SEE IF YOU CAN MAKE THE PERIOD GO AWAY ENTIRELY and the "practical"/procrastinatey part of my brain has been saying DO YOU REALLY WANT TO INTRODUCE ANOTHER CHEMICAL COMPLICATION NOW THAT YOU'RE SETTLED ON A COURSE OF BRAIN MEDS THAT WORKS WELL FOR YOU? But I can't afford to spend a day a month curled up in a ball of pain, so.

Bandom extravaganza tonight! *does little dance*

OH. Last night I forgot to talk about my pre-pain airplane adventures. Namely, the fact that either Adam Savage or his STRIKING DOPPELGĂ„NGER was on my flight. Is he booked to do any New York events right now? Because it could totally have been him. Wearing a pink button-down shirt. Yes.

In narcissism news, I invite you to giggle at my startlingly trendy bed-head with me )


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