Wednesday, 31 August 2011

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All the travel worked out in an orderly fashion and was easy, which naturally meant that something else had to go wrong--namely, I got my period mid-flight in a drastically bad way, and the resulting tension from nausea + altitude change + turbulence turned into a set of all-over cramps that left me curled up into a ball on the airport floor for a solid hour before I got my legs to stop trembling enough that I was able to leave the airport. On the way out, I stopped at one of those ridiculous airport spa places that always offers massages for some reason, and I GOT A MASSAGE, and literally that is the reason I was able to make it to [personal profile] oliviacirce's place.

UM SO I'M MOSTLY BETTER NOW. And it's generally only one day out of each period that is this bad, so I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be substantially better because PANIC(!)! NEON TREES! BLACK CARDS! ETC.

So... if you expected to hear from me today (for instance, if we were trying to make plans for this weekend) and you have not... that is why. I am currently using a laptop for the first time today.

But while I was in the air I finally finished reading every story in the eyai verse, and that was *well* worth the entire day, really. If you haven't read the eyai verse, it's a shared origfic universe done by a group of brilliant fannish writers, breathtakingly beautiful, all gorgeous Victoriana and clockwork and nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. [personal profile] nextian's got a primer here, and [ profile] girl_wonder's got a masterlist here.

On reflection, I think my two favorite individual stories are billet-doux and torque & other nouns, but in large part it's because the worldbuilding is so fabulous and they each provide an intimate side-view of it from characters who are not centrally involved in the main arc of the revolution and counter-revolution. And, who am I kidding, also because they're the two stories that hit the gender and sexuality angles of the eyai and I am nothing if not predictable.

Also! sasha_feather asked me about five of my icons. note: one of the icons behind this cut is animated. )


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