Sunday, 17 July 2011

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I am settled into the apartment of the lovely [personal profile] oliviacirce. Hurrah! I'm in New York for the week, but am not on vacation and will mostly be at work. But *wow* is it lovely to be staying here and be able to claim all the cuddles I can.

I did a lot of traveling today, possibly all of it. Foolishly I spent much of the time reading about 1930s Berlin, and so I am compelled to write the following Letter to the Past:

Dear Martha Dodd, circa 1933,

Look, I am totally against slut-shaming, and I don't want to slut-shame you or anything. BUT.

If you are going to have simultaneous affairs with lots and lots of men, *maybe* Berlin in 1933 isn't the time and place to do it? And maybe the men in question shouldn't include the Nazi head of the Foreign Press Bureau? And also the head of the Gestapo? And also the first secretary of the Soviet embassy in Berlin (who is also a spy)?

Look, I get that you're the daughter of the US Ambassador and all but. I can't help feel that things are going to end badly for you, even if I haven't spoiled myself with Wikipedia. Your lifestyle is kind of making me nervous.


(Friends, if you too are interested in stressing yourself out a lot about the stupidness of stupid Americans in Berlin in the 1930s, may I recommend Erik Larson's In the Garden of Beasts? WARNING: These Americans are impressively foolish. And tragically non-fictional and in power.)


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