Monday, 25 April 2011

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I have been meaning to do a rec for Razia’s Shadow for a while, but keep not getting to it. So lo: a rec!

Razia’s Shadow is a creation story musical released on Fueled By Ramen in 2008. It is officially from the band Forgive Durden, but the way it goes is actually this: Forgive Durden got together and released the album Wonderland. Then Forgive Durden split up reduced in size to one person and he and his brother wrote and produced Razia’s Shadow, casting it entirely with people from pop-punk bands (most notably from a bandom perspective, Greta Sapelter and Brendon Urie).

That one person is Thomas Dutton. Know him. Love him. Mock his manpain.

Razia’s Shadow is for you if:
  • You like poppy musicals in the style of Disney movies, but wish there they had a bit more punk-drum flavor

  • You are particularly fond of the great and ever giving-genre of things ripped-off from inspired by Paradise Lost.

  • You like your tropes served in trope sauce, with a side of trope.

  • You want to see more of the deliciously evil side of Brendon Urie that showed up in the “Mona Lisa” music video.

  • Two words: PRINCESS GRETA. Also Max Bemis! And Casey Crescenza! And Chris Conley! And Lizzie Huffman! The cast on this thing is to die for!

Razia’s Shadow is not for you if:
  • You have a tiresome need for originality and/or plot consistency in your musicals.

Plot synopsis ahoy! It is spoilery, but only if you have never encountered any of the western canon at all, in which case you are already spoiled. )

So, material:
You can stream the entire album on PureVolume
The largely defunct LJ community [ profile] razias_oracle has some really awesome fanart and a surprising focus on Anhura/Pallis fic. I guess because of the evil!Bden/princess!Greta thing.
So far I have found a total of 0 Adakias/Pallis stories, and I want one, bad. So if you know of any, please help.


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