Sunday, 6 February 2011

On Keiko

Sunday, 6 February 2011 16:13
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This morning I participated in the [ profile] ds9_rewatch rewatch of DS9 01x04, "A Man Alone." It's been a while since I saw this episode, and ultimately what it wound up dredging up are all of my Feelings about Keiko. [ironic icon is ironic]

Cut for DS9 spoilers and criticism of an unpopular female character. )
epershand: Bashir and O'Brien and the text "awkward silence" (Awkward silence)
1. Oh hey yesterday was my birthday! I celebrated by hiding in my home, far away from anyone who would feel compelled to wish me happy birthday. My family and people on Facebook got in around the edges anyway. But I am 27 now, and that pleases me, because as 3^3, 27 is in my heart the purest expression of 3-ness and thus my favorite number. I'm going to be pleased about being 27 for the rest of the year, I can already tell. I haven't been this happy about a new age in YEARS, although I'll probably be this pleased again when I hit my 30s and can stop being a callow twenty-something. [Please do not respond to this entry with "happy birthday", if you don't mind? I'm sort of "happy birthday"ed out].

2. I do want to mention, though, that [personal profile] prismakaos won the birthday well-wishers contest I was totally not having with the following:

SELECT (CASE WHEN (NOW() >= '2011-02-05' AND NOW() < '2011-02-06') THEN 'Happy birthday!' ELSE td.InnocuousComment END) AS Message FROM TodaysData td WHERE td.PersonFrom = '[prismakaos]' AND td.PersonTo = '[epershand]';

It should be noted that td.PersonTo was actually my standard non-fandom internet username. In fact, something like half the facebook comments that used a name in them were addressed to my standard username and not to "Molly," despite the fact that they were talking to me on a social network where I list my first and last name (and no other information, because ew, Facebook). What is this again that people keep saying about "real names" having more meaning?

3. Um, ok, what is with the conflux of birthdays in the first week of February? I know of at least one person whose birthday was Thursday, six people who celebrated their birthday on Friday (including, shockingly, [ profile] februaryfour :P) and saw two people other than me being wished happy birthday yesterday (and was kept awake by a birthday party in the restaurant on the other side of my bedroom wall). Wojtek's birthday is today, my Mom's birthday is Tuesday... Am I only noticing this because I happen to be celebrating a birthday, or is this, like, a Thing? (If it is a Thing, I choose to believe that the underlying cause is that this is the week that comes roughly 9 months after the First of May. Clearly it's about Beltane, amirite?)

4. Not about birthdays: I am really enjoying the [ profile] ds9_rewatch community on LJ. We're watching "A Man Alone" in 20 minutes, and I am so in for it. The comm's only on s1e4 of Deep Space Nine, so it's a pretty good time to jump in even if you've never watched the show before. Also it's an ODO EPISODE, so you know you want it.

5. To be gauche for a moment: My mom, who teaches algebra and biology at a rural public high school, is trying to raise money to buy a new laptop for her classroom. She's doing it through this program called Donors Choose, which I approve of for the fact that it didn't force me to create an account or start getting mass email in order to donate to her. (And it let me donate via paypal instead of giving them my personal information. It turns out these are the things I actually care about.) Anyway, she's just a couple hundred dollars away from qualifying for a gift match, and every little bit helps, if you happened to want to help out. Her request page is here. And if you don't want to donate and just want to see a dorky picture of my mom in a lab coat, this webpage can provide you with that, too.


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