Saturday, 22 January 2011

Festivids recs

Saturday, 22 January 2011 15:20
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I am recovering from my week of doom. I still haven't gone back to the comments on the post of doom. But you know what?

Today is Festivids day!

Here, have some recs, in alphabetical order by fandom!

Space Oddity, Community.
Troy! And Abed! In space! (Abed, Abed, Abed...) This is a really fun and awesome vid about Troy going to space and Abed waiting behind at home. It's a really fun constructed reality, and I love it.

Jumpin' Jester, The Court Jester.
This is a really awesomely choreographed vid. I love the way it ties all the movement in the source together with the music to turn the whole story into one dance performance. I can't help but feel like Danny Kaye would approve whole-heartedly.

Friends, How I Met Your Mother.
The thing I always loved about HIMYM was the ridiculous dynamics of all the friendships on the show. Every single pair of people on the show just has so much chemistry. (Except for, frustratingly, the pairs that involved Ted.) This vid makes such good really use of that. Pairing them with Flight of the Conchords is just SO GOOD. But it's not quite the best song choice in Festivids, because that honor goes to...

They Want More, Jurassic Park.
THE ONE WHERE ALL THE DINOSAURS ARE LIKE CLAUDIA FROM THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES. I am so excited that this ridiculous song from this ridiculous musical has now had its time in the sun. Run, don't walk, and watch this. Especially you, [ profile] militantgeek.

Resistance, Star Trek: First Contact (listed as Star Trek: TNG).
The hilarious Picard/Q vid is getting most of the Star Trek play today, but this vid to "The Song of Silence" is really gorgeous. Picard, and Data, and the Borg, and the challenges of choosing individuality and humanity over the dull mechanical uniformity of the modern age.

Jaded, Velvet Goldmine.
This vid. I just.... this vid. It's about Mandy, and Curt, and Arthur, and the way that Brian changed their lives, but it's totally and completely about THEM and not him. I suspect that I've been forever ruined for other Velvet Goldmine vids.

High School Never Ends, The West Wing.
Another hilarious vid. Because really, the West Wing characters are emotionally in high school, aren't they?


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